Melody Lane Children's Center
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Melody Lane Children’s Center

9191 Colorado Ave. Riverside, CA 92503 * 951-352-2161

At the time of your child’s enrollment and every September thereafter, you will be asked to sign a financial agreement.

 Please read your packet carefully before signing. Thank You.

Rates for Children of All Ages

2 Year Old Rate  (6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)

4/5 days a week                     $260.00

3  days a week                       $210.00

2  days a week                       $190.00

Drop in day rate                       $ 75.00

2 year old Part Time : (6:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. )

4/5 days a week                       $230.00

3 days a week                          $175.00

Ages 3-5 Preschool (off track care 5-12)

Full Time: (6:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.)

4/5 days a week                     $248.00

3 days a week                        $205.00 M-W-F

2 days a week                        $140.00 T-TH

Drop in Day Rate                   $ 75.00 (for those enrolled 2-3 days)

Part Time: (6:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.) ages 3-5 Preschool

4/5 days a week                    $230.00

3 days a week                       $170.00 M-W-F

Before and / or After Care 6-12 yrs.

Off track care rates are the full rates as stated above.

*If a child is attending 4/5 days a week, it is considered a FULL TIME spot.

Rates for Kindergarten thru 6th grade:

$105.00 a week (to school)

$150.00 a week (to and from school)

Infant Care: 0-24 mos. Full time hours only: 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

4/5 days a week                        $350.00

3 days a week                           $305.00          M-W-F

Registration Fee:

There is a $100.00 non-refundable registration fee per child due at the time of enrollment and every September thereafter. Please make sure that the registration fees are paid by September 10th.

Vacation: (Applies to full time students only)

When given a written two-week notice, only ½ rates will be charged. This is limited to one week per year; also your child must have attended Melody Lane for 9 months prior to receiving vacation time.  If you withdraw, there is a 3 month wait period before you can re-enroll.

Illness/student or parent day off-regular rate is charged, other absences- regular rate is charged.


Tuition is figured on a per week basis. The following holidays are included in the tuition:

Forth of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, 

New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr., President's Day, Memorial Day

If the holiday falls on a Saturday, the center will be CLOSED the Friday before. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the center will be CLOSED the Monday after. YOU MAY NOT CHANGE DAYS DUE TO THE HOLIDAYS.

Returned Check Fee:

There will be a fifty-dollar ($50.00) fee for any returned checks.

Accounts will be placed on a “CASH ONLY” basis after (2) Returned checks for non-sufficient funds.


No adjustment in fees is made for any absences due to unscheduled vacation, holidays or days off.

Payments/Late Fees:

Payment is due prior to the week of service. Please remember to submit your fee payment prior to an extended leave of absence to avoid any late charges or loss of your child’s place. Payment must be made on Monday by 12:00pm noon or a $25.00 Late Fee will be applied each day.


A two-week written notice to the school director is required when withdrawing your child from school. If for any reason your child is not adjusting or we feel his/her needs are not being met at our school, we reserve the right to request that you remove your child from the school. Prior to termination the school will make every effort to meet with the parent and discuss the matter in question. The school reserves the right to request you remove your child from the school if the problem continues. At this time you will be given a verbal or written notice, which will take effect immediately. Once you withdraw, there is a 3 month wait period to re-enroll.

Causes for immediate termination:

Inappropriate behavior from child and/or parents, violating school property, violating other children’s rights this means harming another child/teacher. Biting another child/teacher first time we will ask the parent to pick up the child immediately, second time we will ask that the parent remove the child from the center for one day, if it happens a third time we will ask the parent to make other arrangements for the child’s daycare. Tuition owed must be paid at this time. Otherwise there will be a $25.00 a week late fee added on until paid. Your account will be forwarded to my collection agency after 4 weeks of non-payment.

Three strike rule:

  • The first time your child is talked to about any uncontrollable behavior we will be having a conference with the parent.
  • The second time for the same incident the parent will need to pick up the child for the rest of the day.
  • The third time your child is talked to for the same incident we will be asking the parents to make other arrangements for the Childs daycare.

We have a policy with our state-licensing agents and in this policy it states we need to protect the rights of every child. In order to protect the rights of all of our children and our child we must be sure to apply all of these state rules and regulations to any and all of our children and parents at Melody Lane.

Late pick up:

A late fee of $5.00 per minute for children left after 6:00p.m. It is due and payable to the staff member on duty at the time of pick-up. Your child may not be allowed to return to school until these fees are paid.

No show upon school pickup:

If we go to the school to pick up your child and your child is not there and we did not receive a phone call to tell us your child will not be there, we will charge $5.00 each time this happens. We have a tight schedule and looking for children who are not at school makes us late to other schools.


It is your responsibility as the parent to keep addresses and phone numbers up to date. Please advise the teacher if you will not be at the numbers on the emergency card for the day. This is very important because if our child gets ill during the day we need to know where to contact you.

Child Abuse/Neglect:

The state of California requires that all members of the state licensed childcare, report to the state any and all cases of abuse to a child. Melody Lane Children’s Center and our staff are therefore obligated to report to the state any suspected case of abuse, and/ or neglect.

Tax Benefit:

Families with both parents working, and single parents, can take a federal tax credit for costs of child care, consult with your accountant or tax consultant for the amount you can claim on your tax return. All balances must be paid in full at Melody lane before you receive our tax I.D. number.

Insurance claims:

Children injured while attending Melody Lane Children’s Center or are being transported by our school van, are not automatically covered by the school insurance policy. Any injury will be reported to our insurance company for information only. Parents must refer all their claims to their insurance company to take effect immediately.

Parent Handbook can be found on our website at: